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General Graduate School (Master's)

We aim to provide quality educational programs to nurture cultural and global individuals who are creative and refined and cooperate well with others. Our current students are contributing to the advancement of human society by conducting advanced research.

一般研究生院 (博士课程)

General Graduate School (Doctorate)

Ph.D. students develop creative research skills by studying in-depth theories and application methods in their respective fields. Our goal is to train students to become well-rounded leaders and contribute to national development and betterment of mankind.


Graduate School of Humanities and Industry

In addition to conducting research, students gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills related to modern industrial technology and business management from expert professionals. This is a program aiming to produce top-notch technicians and business managers with creativity and excellent leadership skills.


Graduate School of Education

This is a program, fostering outstanding educators who can contribute to national development with excellent research results regarding education-related issues and to the improvement of the education system.


Cyber Graduate School (Distant Education)

This is a cyber education program providing distant education to students using advanced IT technology in order to nurture creative professionals, who can lead the information society of the 21st century.

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