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Время работы
Operating Hours
Деление Отдел абонемента Читальный зал
Март ~ октябрь 09 : 00 ~ 18 : 00 06 : 00 ~ 24 : 00
Ноябрь ~ февраль 09 : 00 ~ 17 : 00 06 : 00 ~ 24 : 00
Отдел абонемента

В отделе абонемента можно найти обычные и образовательные книги в большом ассортименте. Так как здесь открытая система хранения, все студенты и сотрудники могут свободно брать и читать книги. А также в этом отделе можно пользоваться услугами ксерокопии.

Note, periodicals room

Yearbooks, handbooks, maps, indexes and specific knowledge books prohibited to out-of-library lending
Including also the variety of periodicals, academic journals and proceedings of universities and research institutions research reports, newspapers, government publications, theses and collections out-of-library lending is prohbitied
Access to copy necessary components of materials, so browse freely within library.

Читальный зал

В читальном зале не имеется книг, так как он предназначен для свободного чтения и учебы. Читальным залом могут пользоваться все желающие студенты и сотрудники. В читальном зале запрещено курить, болтать, приватизировать место, разрушать учебную атмосферу.

Book rental and return

Lending and return
Number of books and book lending duration
Number of books and book lending duration
Division Archives Archives General Reading Room
Undergraduate 3 7 Lending period can be extended once
Postgraduate student 5 14 Lending period can be extended once
Staff / assistant 5 14 Lending period can be extended once
Professor 10 60 Lending period can be extended once
General book lending (P: periodicals, R: reference materials, T: Thesis) is attached to the data, can only be read.
Lending process

Student ID cards are issued in the library.
Search Books claim number online catalog search → OK → Select the desired data presented books and student identification → Bar-Code Reading → book lending


When seeking extended loan, book must first be returned within return date and approved for extension.
If no waiting list, book may be extended once.

Sanctions and reimbursement for books

After two failures to return books within allotted time, book rental privilege will be revoked. If book has been damaged or lost, reimbursements must be made in accordance to provision of the University.


  • If you lose the student ID card to receive the report and reissue it. Lost in accidents are responsible for the holder.
  • If a loaned book is lost, reimbursement accomodations must be made.

Other library services

Desired Book Application

Under special circumstances books not in library may be requested. I.e. mutiple copies or not in stock.

Other university library uses

Certain books may not be available in other university libraries.
In such cases, "other university libraries referral use" may be issued.

Library Searching

By giving staff and students easy access to resources, the university ensures the opportunity for a high-quality education experience.
Research Institute for the user to provide guidance and information

Business information department

Business information department
Division Phone number Remarks
Acquisitions 750-6569 Books purchased / donated / Clerical
Theorem 750-6570 Classification / cataloging / DB build
Note, periodicals room 750-6571 Reference Books and Journals
Lending room National book data (Article title)

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